Brave Little Girls

Be brave little girl,
You are stardust made flesh.

Dragon heart,
Warrior soul.

They’ll try to knock you down
Stand tall.

They’ll do all they can to make you lose faith,
Keep it.

They’ll rant and rave and call you names,
Remember yours.

Be brave wild child.
You are wind and moon in woman form.

Life giver.

They’ll force you to behave,
Stand fierce.

They’ll strip away all your strength,
Find it again.

Never settle for that which isn’t your right.

Do what you must and love what you do.

Arm yourself with truth and honour.

Your kindness isn’t weakness,
Your loving isn’t wasted.
Your tears are all accounted for.

Embrace the lessons learnt.
Let blame never lead you astray.
Give love, get love, be love.

When darkness takes away all hope,
shine brighter than the sun.
When the pain gets to much to bear,
Laugh louder than you’ve ever done.

Little girls of the world, be one!

— #HottieScottie

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